maria sita: Blog en-us (C) maria sita (maria sita) Sun, 10 May 2020 21:17:00 GMT Sun, 10 May 2020 21:17:00 GMT maria sita: Blog 77 120 Cover photo For ''Ellinika'' magazine with Konstantina Faklari chef One of my greatest cooperations!! Konstantina Faklari is a great chef!! I want to thank her for choosing me to take the cοver photo for the magazine she gave a personal interview. 



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The first ever Zambian Cultural Exhibition in the Hellenic Repubic -in pictures  

I am so happy to be a part of the first ever Zambian Cultural exhibition at my area, Melissia city/Athens/Greece, by covering photographically the event!!

you can see the exhibition at


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award for my first short film movie!!  


Wow!!!that was something i couldn't believe!!! I was awarded for my film '' The Dominant'' with the creativity award!! Thank very much Fay Peroni for co-directing with me!!! I also want to say thank YOU at our starring actor Christopher Dicas!!! We love you!!! Last but not least i want to give all my love to our teacher Gregory Vlassas, the ''head'' of the master!! 1st photography and film festival at Preveza 2016

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White Monkey Bar by Mind the Ark, Athens – Greece One of the most beautiful and alternative bar - restaurant trasted me to photograph their place! Agelos(left in the photo) and Alex (the owners) are the coolest guys i' ve ever met! We had a lot of fun! You should visit and feel that exotic air! 

10305511_647127358703061_8846045358491851603_n10305511_647127358703061_8846045358491851603_n MSD_1951MSD_1951

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